How to Protect Yourself From Corona virus When Grocery Shopping!

Tips No. 1: Order online if you can.

the less exposure to people, the better, so pay online and have the groceries delivered outside your door with no face-to-face contact maybe the safest way to get groceries. Just remember, while you're staying home safe, workers are putting themselves at risk to collect and deliver your food. So be sure to tip generously. As for what to do with unpacking those groceries, experts say the advice is the same as if you'd gone to the store yourself.

Tips No. 2: Leave groceries outside the house if you can, as in your garage or in your car, for three days if you can. because based on WHO, the coronavirus on plastic can last for 2-3 days.

Tips No. 3: Unpack and put all the package away before you bringing groceries into the house

Tip No. 4: Use your countertop to transfer groceries to your container, then clean and disinfect your countertops with disinfecting wipes or bleach-containing products. this video shows the proccess in detail

Tip No. 5: Wash fruits and vegetables with running water

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